The new range of split, air/water high efficiency heat pumps WZT using refrigerant R410A  are now available.

These units replace the previous series WZT using R407C, with an important technical and functional improvements and are intended to be used in the market tosubstitute traditionalcombustion boilers.

The new units use the well know E.V.I. scroll compressors, they have been totally revised and are optimized in the heating mode whilst the level of the acoustic emissions has been significantly reduced.

The innovative floating frame system of the new WZT substantially reduces the compressors noise emission and the enable us to reach acoustic limits never possible before.

We would highlight that the new WZT units are only available in the ultra low noise configuration NN; All outdoor units are produced exclusively with E.C. fans, 12 poles, with a rotation speed of just 450 rpm.

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