High efficiency air to water split system heat pumps
Heating Capacities from 25 to 200 kw

The air/water heat XHA series pumps are supplied in two sections connected to each other through refrigerant lines, installing the compressor in the outdoor section. The units are designed for installations where it is not possible to use glycol in the hydraulic circuit or there is the real possibility of damage due to frost. All hydraulic components are present in the indoor unit, installed in the technical room. The units are designed specifically to have the best possible efficiency in heating mode, they may operate down to external temperatures of -20 ° C and produce hot water up to a temperature of 60 °C. All models are supplied with reverse cycle valve for the winter defrost function; HH versions are designed only for the heating mode, while the RV versions are also able to produce chilled water. The units are also available in the P2S and P2U configurations. The P2S versions are able to produce domestic hot water by the activation of a 3-way valve installed in the indoor unit, not available for versions P2U. All models are suitable for use in those countries that have support schemes for use of heat pump technology for heating. The outdoor unit noise is extremely low thanks to the use of a special floating system vibration damping that allows a reduction of about 10-12 dB of noise (A) with respect to traditional units (optional).