4 pipe systems high efficiency air to water heat pumpsHeating Capacities from 25 to 450 kw

The high efficiency air / water heat pumps of the LHA series are units designed for 4-pipe air conditioning and heating systems, which allow the production of cold water for cooling and hot water for heating at the same time or separately.
The units are supplied with an additional exchanger, used as a condenser for hot water, the production of which is independent of the operation mode of the unit.
Activation of the exchanger takes place automatically via the microprocessor control when the hot water temperature on the return is lower than the set point. These units are able to produce hot water and cold water simultaneously and / or separately with very high energy efficiencies.
They are all supplied complete with a specific advanced microprocessor control provided with software for managing the various priorities.
The XL versions also have an extremely low noise level thanks to the use of a special floating vibration damping system that allows a noise reduction of about 10-12 dB (A) (optional).