HIDROS and EMICON: a new industrial group


On 17th January 2017, Hidros SpA and Emicon SpA entered into an industrial partnership which, with the integration of each company’s products, technologies and distribution networks, will be better placed to face the new challenges of the market. It creates an Italian industrial group with a consolidated turn-over of 40 million Euro, a workforce of 150 employees and European wide coverage with 6 foreign branches.

This transaction involves the purchase of 70% of Hidros SpA capital by Emicon SpA who thus become the main shareholder in the company.

The current shareholders of Hidros SpA retain a significant minority stock, the aim being to ensure business continuity and a constant development of products and innovative systems, in their fields of expertise.

The union between the two companies is in addition to the one in 2015, when Emicon SpA acquired Ethra Tech Srl, a company that specialized in climate control of mobile phone infrastructures. This new partnership will combine the know-how of Emicon SpA, more specialized in climate control and conditioning in the field of telecommunications as well as process cooling and office air conditioning, with that of Hidros SpA, a leader in the design and application of high efficiency heat pumps and also professional dehumidification.


Hidros SpA maintains its company vision as a dynamic and innovative company oriented to the development of energy-efficient solutions and the alliance with Emicon SpA generates a strong group with three key production locations at Piove di Sacco (PD), Meldola (FC) and Massa Martana (PG).