It’s perhaps dehumidifier’s best known application: especially in the winter season such devices are used to remove moisture from humid environments with the presence of mold and poor ventilation. A typical case is the cellar or underground rooms where such equipment can also be used during the whole year. In such applications, the dehumidifier is widely used in the drying clothing in the winter time that in addition to decrease the content of water vapor in the air, as has been said previously, this unit also causes the relative heating, facilitating further thus the transfer by clothing of water vapor and subsequent drying. Another application of some importance in residential sector is drying screeds in the building, or drying environments after flooding. The use of a dehumidifier in this case accelerates the drying process in a very substantial, significantly reducing recovery times. Another application of great spread are the gyms, where in the winter period, given the considerable influx of people, the relative humidity reaches a level often intolerable.