The preservation of foodstuffs provides storage of temperature-controlled products and the management of weight loss due to the release of water content over time. The applications are the most diverse and ranging for example from vegetables to fruits, cheese and grapes. The environments in which such products are stored are generally equipped with facilities for controlling the temperature but, generally, an insufficient humidity control. A dehumidification system is therefore often used as an effective completion of the plant. The operating temperatures are generally rather low and varies between 16 °C down to -5 °C. The dehumidifiers used in these applications present particular devices to be able to operate in these conditions and give to the room a limited thermal load which is usually dissipated by the main cooling system. The design of such equipments is articulated and complex, and is generally a function of the type of product, the amount to be treated, the daily rotation of the product itself, of the weight loss and the time in which this decrease weight must be completed.